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Pizza, grapes, ginger beer and coffee

During my learning and practice activity, I realized that web design is a truly-lully-really multidisciplinary process. A big headache and exciting and beloved ways to eat just <pizza, grapes>, drink </ginger beer, coffes>, ask pixels, colors, and fonts to do something interesting, fabulous…

But enough about me, it’s about web design, isn’t it? It’s about how you accomplish your goals and users solve their problems.

For that, a website should only be considered outstanding if it is useful, serviceable, and catchy. When I picture in my mind a website, I always try to envision a real person visiting that site.

how it works

(I’m able to juggle a lot of tasks simultaneously)

brief & Contract

preparation phase

This is about understanding the requirements of the project in details, draft and submit a proposal to you for the project, so both of us have a clear understanding of the expectations and outcome of the project, as well as, financial agreements, time frame and the dispatch of the website. Once you approved the agreement, we officially have a contract that we’ll sign, and a deposit will be paid to start the job.

Plan & Design

design concept & review

This is a collaborative phase.  We should define the goals of your fab website, as well as define the target audience. This phase is about building a website image, determining of the website content, researching the market and analysing the competition, and defining ways to attract visitors to your website after it gets published on the Internet. I’ll have a lot of fun working to create the fab design just for you and I’d like to hear what you think.

Develop & Test

production & testing

Once you agree, it’s time to develop. All that we have done together, I’ll magically turn it into a fab working website. You’ll test it in all your devices, I’ll make sure it will be devices-friendly, fast and secure. This is the phase when I’ll convert our work into HTML, CSS, JavaScript & co, using one of the professional web’s editor. Or if you want your website to be down in a very short time, we can use a CMS platform and use one of their themes.

Launch & Joy

go live

Your fab website is up and running. Keeping the ball rolling… To launch your fab web, you have to consider to register your domain, securing a hosting plan and improve your website’s search-engine friendliness using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As a final note, you have to keep in mind that no matter big or small your fab website happens to be, at some point, you need to perform some website maintenance. 

It's time to bring your fabulous impact!

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